KST Data

KST sells desktop computers, portable computers, printers, and peripherals from such manufacturers as Dell, HP, Microsoft, IBM/Lenovo and many others. Departments and UCLA affiliated persons (for personal purchases) are eligible to purchase on the KST agreement. Working with UCLA departments, KST creates commonly configured machines called 'Sweet Spots' that are available at significant savings.

Visit KST Data, click on Customer Login. From the drop down 'Choose Your Catalog' menu, select the 'UCLA Institutional Purchases' catalog and login to browse the catalog.

If you do not have a User Name and Password, click on 'New User Sign Up and create your own account. For personal purchases made with a credit card, please call KST Data directly at 213-384-9555.

Agreement terms are avialable at UCLA purchasing (sort list by vendor and click on KST Data).