Upgrading Mac OS to Catalina & Application Compatibility

Apple has released a new OS update, Catalina (10.15), and unlike previous updates, Catalina does not support 32-bit applications.  This is problematic should you update your Apple computer and not realize that by doing so, that some of the software you use will no longer work on your MAC.  We do not recomend that you update your MAC to Catalina without first checking which apps you have and which ones are not compatable with the new opperating system.  You can check your application compatibilty by checking in your computer's "System Report".  Here is an article from MacRumors on how to access this information. 

We know that existing installations of Adobe Acrobat version 2017 and Endnote v.9 will not work on Catalina.  Software Central has aquired an updated 64-bit installation of Endnot v.9 and you can contact us on how to get access to that installation file.  Adobe has been problematic as they have been slow to release an updated 64-bit version that we can deploy that is compatable with our ETLA agreement.  The most viable option we have at this point is to use Adobe Acrobat v.19 wich is a named user license.  Should you need to move to this option please contact us for more information on using the Adobe Acrobat v.19 named user license.