Microsoft MCCA Annual Enrollment Renewal Instructions 20/21

Preparing Your Annual MCCA Enrollment Renewal for the July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 Agreement Term

The updated Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA) renewal procedures for the period above are detailed below.  The procedures are intended to make ordering/renewing as accurate as possible.

***NOTE*** To continue participation in the MCCA, all departments must complete their ONLINE ORDERs no later than May 1, 2020 by visiting the Software Central Store and signing in with a UCLA ID to place the ordersThis is only a two week window for ordering. Please note that online orders require both the Primary Contact and the Administrator identified on the order to take follow-up actions in order to finalize the order.  We strongly urge departments to do this as soon as possible given that we now have a shorter window to process the renewal due to COVID 19.  Please contact Software Central with any questions on this process.

To renew participation in the MCCA please do the following:

1. Beginning April 20, 2020, current MCCA department contacts will start to receive separate emails reflecting the quantity of  MCCA Faculty & Staff Licenses, MCCA Single Licenses, MCCA Online Services Licenses, and/or MCCA Server Licenses that the department has currently licensed for the period ending 06/30/2020 and the FAU(s) those licenses were charged to. If you ordered additional product after the initial 19/20 MCCA order, you will likely have multiple emails. Please use this information as a reference for placing ONLINE ORDER(s) at the Software Central Store. If the department does not receive their expected renewal notification email(s) by May 1, 2020 please contact Software Central immediately after checking both Junk and Spam folders.

2.  Software Central Store orders require contact information for at least three unique individuals, the Primary Contact, Secondary Contact and Administrator Authorizing Payment.  Departments may add as many contacts to their orders as they deem necessary when the orders are placed. Please ensure that information entered into the Software Central Store is correctly provided for each contact as both the Primary Contact and the Administrator identified on the order will need to take follow-up actions prior to the May 1, 2020 deadline to finalize the order.  If any information is incomplete or inaccurate, the order might not be finalized prior to the deadline.  REMEMBER, Carts are not saved, so you must finalize and submit the order in one go.  Should you need to change anything after submitting the order, contact Software Central as soon as possible.

3. For all MCCA Faculty and Staff License orders, the way to count Knowledge Workers is the same as for 19/20.  The Knowledge Worker count for each department will be the count of all Faculty and Staff  in your department, who are Knowledge Workers; you do not need to count 'Light Users'.  While this may raise some department's counts, please know that there are roles of Faculty and Staff that can be excluded from the count.  Those catagories are shown below.

Student employees do not need to be counted as Knowledge Workers. This includes Readers, TAs and Associate Instructors. They are covered automatically.

Employees in the following roles will be designated as 'Light Users' and are hereby excluded from the Knowledge Worker count:  Automotive Equipment Operations and Maintenance, Child Care Services, Custodial Services/Physical Plant Maintenance, Food and Linen Services, Grounds Keeping, Parking Attendants, Patient Escorts, Recreation/Fitness, and Security Services as they do not typically use a computer in their normal job function.

Use the Knowledge Worker count as a quantity for the MCCA Faculty and Staff Licenses you order online at the Software Central Store. **Remember all products ordered in the MCCA Faculty and Staff Licenses catalog must use the same Knowledge Worker count and that count must cover all Knowledge Workers in the department.  If there are products you wish to purchase for less than the whole Knowledge Worker count, please order them from the  MCCA Single Licenses catalog.

4. Review the product and quantities and add to cart in the online order.   If departments find they need to place additional orders, please do so prior to the 05/01/2020 deadline.  After 7/1/20, there will be quarterly opportunities to order additional products for the 7/1/20 - 6/30/21 term.

Below is the list of the MCCA Manufacturers (product categories) at the Software Central Store.

MCCA Faculty and Staff Licenses
These products must be ordered in the same quantity as the departmental Knowledge Worker count (which includes all Faculty and Staff in the department excluding 'Light Users' as defined above in #3.

MCCA Online Services
These products may be ordered in increments of one. Products ordered do not have to match the FTE count.   Some Online Products may be ordered to begin and end at times that do not need to match the MCCA dates.  Please contact Software Central for further information.

MCCA Server Licenses
These server products can be ordered in increments of one, per the department’s needs. PLEASE NOTE: Server products are based on the number of cores, depending on the type of server license. Some server licenses have a minimum of cores that must be covered.

MCCA Single Licenses
These subscriptions and online services may be ordered in increments of one. Products ordered do not have to match the Knowledge Worker count.  For items that are available in both MCCA Faculty and Staff Licenses (full Knowledge Worker) and MCCA Single Licenses, departments are urged to compare the cost of ordering singly vs. for the whole department to realize the break-even point.  In some cases it may be more cost effective to cover the entire Knowledge Worker count for those licenses.

5. Reconfirm the valid full accounting unit (FAU) number to charge in the space provided on the online order. We are able to charge only ONE FAU per online order.  All orders will be charged in the 2020/21 fiscal year. If you are placing orders for more than one department (department code), you should place them separately, or transfer the expense on your end.

6. Software Central Store online orders require both the Primary Contact and the Administrator to take follow-up actions in order to finalize the order. Please plan accordingly and place the initial order at least one week prior to the 5/1/20 deadline. Please contact Software Central with any questions on this process, or see the FAQ section in the Software Central Store.

If you follow all of the steps outlined above, your 2020/2021 MCCA order will be processed to go into effect 07/01/20. The FAU you provide will be charged in fiscal year 2020/2021. Fulfillment/download instructions can be requested on or after 07/01/2020 via email from SHI (

Please contact Software Central with any questions on the MCCA.