Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA) Summary

As the 110 UCLA units currrently participating in the University of California Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA) already know the MCCA can provide substantial savings and benefits to UCLA departments that use Microsoft products. The MCCA is highly customized to meet the needs of UC departments and includes numerous unprecedented and beneficial features such as:

  • Discounted pricing on desktop and server products
  • Pricing based upon number of Knowledge Workers instead of quantity of computers.
  • Simplified compliance and administration - No need to track installed desktop products per computer.  Install on new computers mid-year at no additional cost.
  • Lab computer desktop products at no additional cost.
  • Upgrade to new versions of covered product at no additional cost.  Upgrade at your own pace.
  • Purchase new workstations with the lowest version of Windows (Home, Basic, etc) then upgrade to a more expensive version (Professional) at no additional cost. 


The deadline to add-on or enroll in the MCCA for the period 07/01/2018 - 06/30/19 is April 27, 2018. If you desire to join now or need additional product, please contact Software Central for information on any additional purchase opportunities.

Here's how to renew a current MCCA enrollment

Here's how to initiate a new MCCA enrollment.