Microsoft at UCLA

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Microsoft at UCLA

UCLA participates in two distinct Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs for departments.  Microsoft Select-Plus and the Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA) It is possible for a single department to utilize both licensing programs simultaneously.

Downloadable Microsoft product use rights are posted every quarter. Before departments deploy licensed Microsof products, it is important to review and understand the use rights and restrictions for those products to ensure compliance with those terms. Another resource to help understand the sometimes complex licensing of Microsoft products is their Licensing Briefs page.

Additionally, departments may wish to speak directly to SHI's Senior Microsoft Licensing Executive, Jessica Olson,   If she cannot help you, UCLA's New (as of 7/2018) Microsoft Representative is Monica Delrosario  Monica works with Carl Kishel

To keep informed about Microsoft Licensing developments at UCLA, join the UCLA Microsoft Licensing email list. This announcement only list is used to convey information about Microsoft licensing changes, volume educational license programs and any upcoming Microsoft presentations on campus.