Microsoft Activation Configuring SRV Entries

How to configure the necessary SRV entries in Microsoft Windows DNS server for automatic KMS discovery

Open up the DNS Control Panel in the "Administrative Tools".

Select Start-Administrative Tools-DNS from the Windows Desktop

Browse to the Forward Lookup Zone for your domain, and then click on the "_tcp" node. In the right pane, right click the mouse and choose "Other New Records…" from the menu.

In the DNS Control Panel, select the _tcp node for the Forward Lookup Zone for your domain.

Choose a "Service Location (SRV)" record in the window, then click on "Create Record…"

In the "New Resource Record" window, type in the service name "_vlmcs", choose "_tcp" as the protocol, type in port number "1688" in the "Port number" box, and type in "" in the "Host offering this service" box (note the ending period). Click Ok.

Your Activation server should now be added! You can add additional KMS servers if you like. Note: it might take 5-10 minutes for the change to take affect if you have multiple DNS servers.