Microsoft Azure Online Services Setup Step Five

Automatic Usage-Based Billing

After each annual pre-paid balance is exhausted, accounts will switch to automatic quarterly billing based upon actual usage.

5.1 When an account moves to automatic, usage-based quarterly billing, Software Central will email department a receipt reflecting its Azure Online Services usage during each quarter.  Usage fees will automatically be recharged to the department FAU provided with the initial order.  Quarterly billing cycles will be based upon the effective date of an individual account.

5.2 Purchases of Azure Online Services require an annual pre-payment consisting of Quantity '1' of 'Microsoft Azure Online Services Annual Monetary Commitment'.  Be sure to complete your  online order in a timely manner so the account does not expire.  Allow at least 60 days for processing.

5.3. Departments are responsible for comparing their actual usage to receipts to ensure accuracy.  Department must provide timely notice to Software Central in the event of any discrepancy.

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