Microsoft Azure Online Services Setup Step Four

Establish Azure Online Services Account

4.1 Within a week from step 3.4, the person designated as the department's Main Departmental Azure Contact will receive an email directly from Microsoft that will contain a link. Please click the link in order to review and electronically sign the agreements on behalf of your department.

4.2 Department places order at Software Central Store online.  Select “MCCA Azure Online Services” from the Software Catalog.  To achieve a longer term price cap, all accounts will default to a 36 month termTo minimize any risk of a pre-paid amount being forfeited, only order Quantity '1' of 'Microsoft Azure Online Services Annual Monetary Commitment'. List the person that will be the Main Departmental Azure Contact as the Primary Contact on the order.

4.3 Software Central will confirm your order via an email receipt.

4.4 Within two weeks, department’s Main Departmental Azure Contact should receive an email directly from Microsoft confirming that the Azure Online Services order has been processed, and providing final activation instructions.  Contact Software Central if that email from Microsoft is not received within two weeks.

4.5 Department follows instructions in the confirmation email, then Azure Online Services are available for department use.

4.6 Documentation for Azure Online Services is available . 

Information regarding Azure Online Services support options is also available.

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