Microsoft Azure Online Services Setup Step Seven

To Deactivate Azure Online Services Accounts

Department must pro-actively deactivate use of the services in order to stop incurring charges.  To deactivate a Microsoft Azure Online Services account, proceed as follows:

7.1 Notify Software Central at least two months prior to the date that you wish to deactivate your Azure Online Services.

7.2 Prior to deactivation date, department must deactivate all Azure Online Services as follows:

7.2.1 Move the VM’s you want to keep out of Azure Online Services.  Delete all others.
7.2.2 Retrieve the data you want to keep from Azure Online Services.  Delete all other data.
7.2.3 Deactivate or delete all services showing in your Azure Online Services admin console.
7.2.4 File a support ticket within your Azure Portal to cancel the subscription.

7.3 Failure to complete the steps in 7.2 above before the deactivation date may result in additional charges and may result in the loss of all data.  Once data is deleted from your Enrollment it will not be possible to retrieve it.


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