Microsoft Azure Online Services Setup Step Three

Understand Your Potential Volume of Usage

Azure Online Services require an annual minimum pre-payment.  Use of the services will draw down those pre-paid funds until they are exhausted.

Any unused pre-paid balance during any 12 month period will be forfeited without option for refundTo minimize any risk of a pre-paid amount being forfeited, it is recommended that departments carefully and conservatively estimate department’s volume of usage, and only pre-pay in the minimum amount.

3.1 Familiarize yourself with the options available via Azure Online Services by reviewing the information posted at Microsoft (link is external).  Final UC pricing will be lower than listed at this URL.

3.2  Contact UC’s Microsoft Account Executive, Jeff Williams (Email: (link sends e-mail); Phone: (425) 705-1001), to initiate a dialog regarding your specific needs.

3.3  UC’s Microsoft Account Executive will advise regarding the most effective configuration and deployment options, and assist in estimating volume of usage.

3.4 Department provides UC’s Microsoft Account Executive the following information for the Enrollment:

     Organization (Department) Name: 

     Mailing Address: 

     Name and Email Address of Main Departmental Azure Contact:

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