Microsoft Azure Online Services Setup Step Two

Important Microsoft Azure Online Services Concepts

Azure Online Services require an annual minimum pre-payment to establish the account.  Please logon to the Software Central Store to reveal the amount (valid UCLA logon required).  Use of the services will draw down those funds until they are exhausted.

After each annual pre-paid balance is exhausted, accounts will switch to automatic quarterly billing based upon actual usage.  Departments should compare actual usage to quarterly bills to ensure accuracy.  Quarterly billing will continue until account is deactivated. Refer to section 7 for Deactivation instructions.

Any unused pre-paid balance during any 12 month period will be forfeited without option for refundTo minimize any risk of a pre-paid amount being forfeited, it is recommended that departments carefully and conservatively estimate department’s volume of usage, and only pre-pay the minimum amount.

Pricing will not increase during a term, but may decrease.  To achieve a longer term price cap, all accounts will default to a 36 month term.  Email Software Central if you would prefer a 12 month term.  Accounts may be deactivated at any time during the term.  Refer to section 7 for Deactivation instructions. 

An extension order must be placed prior to the expiration of the 36 month term if you want to continue using the service. NOTE: If an extension order is not processed prior to expiration of the initial 36 month term, access to the services may be cancelled and all stored data may be deleted.  Refer to section 6 for Extension Order instructions.

Department must pro-actively deactivate use of the services in order to stop incurring charges. Refer to Section 7 for Deactivation instructions.

To ensure timely notice and continued access to the services and no deletion of data, it is imperative that the contact information you provide to Software Central be kept accurate and current.  Please notify Software Central with any contact changes.

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