Microsoft MCCA Knowledge Worker Calculation

How to Determine your Knowledge Worker Count for the Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement

**Please read through this prior to placing your order for desktop products for your Faculty and Staff, as the calculation has changed from FTE to Knowledge Worker going forward.**

A key factor in determining the cost of enrolling in UC MCCA for Faculty and Staff Products is a Knowledge Worker count. In essence, each Faculty and Staff in a department count as one Knowledge Worker. The typical result is that the Knowledge Worker count matches the headcount, though this will not be true in all circumstances.  There are certain categories of Faculty and Staff that do not need to be included in the Knowledge Worker count as shown below.

Employees in the following roles will be designated as "Light Users" and are hereby excluded from the Knowledge Worker count:  Automotive Equipment Operations and Maintenance, Child Care Services, Custodial Services/Physical Plant Maintenance, Food and Linen Services, Grounds Keeping, Parking Attendants, Patient Escorts, Recreation/Fitness, and Security Services as they do not typically use a computer in their normal job function.  Additionally, Adjunct Professors who only need the functionality of Office 365 A1 and all Student employees, including TAs and Readers, shall be excluded from the Knowledge Worker count.

Any department that enrolls in MCCA must make a good-faith effort to use the correct full Knowledge Worker count for the initial enrollment and to verify and re-calculate the number for each renewal period when ordering licenses from the MCCA Faculty and Staff Products. That count is done once a year at the time of the order (April)  Any products ordered through the MCCA Faculty and Staff License catalog on our website must be for the full Knowledge Worker count.  If you wish to order specialized products for only a portion of your Knowledge Workers, please see the MCCA Single License catalog on the website.