Windows 10 Edition Differences

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition only supports upgrades from PCs running Pro or Enterprise Editions.  Windows 10 Education Edition will currently only support upgrades from Home Editions and is scheduled to be able to upgrade from Pro, and Enterprise editions after the November 2015 update.  The Compare Editions chart shows this (select 'Download Table').

Adobe Acrobat Volume License Agreement Signed

UCOP has recently revealed the conclusion of negotiations with Adobe for the Adobe Acrobat Volume License agreement which replaces the Acrobat ETLA.  Departments will now be covering Named Users and Devices (lab/shared machines), rather than FTE.  This gives departments more flexability in whom they license.  UCLA will now begin the process of transforming to the Named User deployment method by way of the campus Adobe Console. In order to do so we will be requesting information on department's named users.  We will know more as the process evolves. Stay tuned for further details.

ESRI Roads and Highways Extension Now Available

Software Central now has ESRI Roads and Highways extension (for ArcGIS Desktop or Server) available for single and concurrent licensing. Esri Roads and Highways is a linear referencing system solution that makes it possible for departments of transportation to integrate data from multiple linear referencing system (LRS) networks to get a comprehensive view of their roadways. Order online via the Software Central Store .

UC MCCA Changing

The long-standing UC Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (UC MCCA) will expire 6/30/18.  Through this agreement the UC has enjoyed a set FTE metric and set pricing for at least the last five years.  However, due to product configuration changes, Microsoft created a replacement program that we expect to participate in beginning 7/1/18.  This replacement program is currently under negotiation between UCOP and Microsoft.

Mathematica and SAS Licenses now Pro-Rated at 50%

As of 1/1/2018, all Mathematica and SAS licenses are now pro-rated as there are only six months left in the current agreement term.  Licenses are available via the Software Central Online Store.

If you have ever wanted to try either product, now is your chance at a 50% savings over the full year price.  Remember that any Mathematica and SAS licenses will automatically renew on 7/1/18 so be sure to watch your email for renewal notices if you intend to try it out for a limited time.

SAS Student Licenses Available at ASUCLA Beginning 6/1/17

Software Central is happy to announce that as of 6/1/17 the ASUCLA Computer Store in Ackerman Union will begin selling SAS to UCLA students (only - not faculty or staff) for the 7/1/17 to 6/30/18 term.  SAS is available for Windows only. 

For purchases between now and 7/1/17, Software Central will send the purchasers an email indicating that we will send them update and/or download information the week of 7/3/17.

Register now for the 3/15/17 Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA) Presentation

It’s spring and that means Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement renewal time.  We will be sending out renewal notices soon to all currently participating departments.  All renewing and those thinking of joining are welcome to our MCCA presentation. Representatives from Microsoft will be on campus to review and answer questions about the MCCA renewal process and to provide an overview of new products and services on Wednesday March 15, 2017 in the IDRE Portal, 5628 Math Sciences.