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Systat, SigmaPlot, SigmaScan, PeakFit, AutoSignal

The following SYSTAT products available to UCLA departments at a significant discount over list price:

AutoSignal – Automates the process of analyzing signals from data input to output of results, including parametric nonlinear modeling, user friendly methods to manipulate signal data, plotting peaks, contours or 3D surfaces.

PeakFit - Provides nonlinear curve fitting to help separate overlapping peaks by statistically fitting numerous peak functions to one data set, which can help find even the most obscure patterns in data

SigmaPlot - Graphing software that enables: the quick creation of exact and customized graphs; easy data visualization with more than 80 2-D and 3-D technical graph types; and publishing charts and graphs anywhere including the web.

SigmaScan – A complete image analysis package for studying the structure and size of visual information. Includes image analysis and data manipulation techniques to improve image quality, and transform images from one type to another, as well as into reliable statistics, understandable graphs and scientific conclusions.

Systat - Statistical software with every statistical procedure needed to carry out efficient statistical analysis of your data from the most elementary descriptive statistics to very advanced statistical methodology based on sophisticated algorithms.

Licenses are perpetual and include the first year of maintenance. Additional years of maintenance require payment of annual fee.

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Annual licenses are available from the Software Central Store.

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UCLA-only Agreement