PCTeX is a scientific typesetting system for books, mathematics, tables, technical material and general text that paginates, hyphenates, justifies and draws rules. This commercial windows product from Personal TeX, Inc. provides access to built-in Windows text editors, a help system, DVI screen previewer and printer drivers. For freeware or shareware versions of Tex, as well as utilities and technical resources see the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (be sure to read and comply with applicable license requirements).


ORACLE Corporation provides their software products at substantial discounts to UC departments.


Maple from Maplesoft is an interactive system that provides a complete mathematical environment for both symbolic algebraic expressions and arbitrary-precision numeric arithmetic. Maple is a useful tool for educators, scientists, engineers, researchers and students. Applicable to the physical sciences, business management, economics and finance. Includes a library of more than 5,000 functions common to many scientific and engineering applications.

HEAT Software (formerly Ivanti)

HEAT Software (formerly Ivanti) makes a patch management software that is available for unlimited use by all UCLA units at no cost.  

In order to support compliance with the campus Minimum Security Standards for Networked Devices (UCLA Policy 401), this agreement is centrally funded and is available for use by all UCLA units at no cost.


UCLA has negotiated an agreement with Sophos for all of their anti-virus products for desktop and gateway servers. These products are available at NO COST to UCLA students, staff and faculty through October of 2021.

The agreement provides the right to install the software on:

  • UCLA owned or leased computer systems
  • Personally owned systems of current UCLA Students, Staff, and Faculty

Now Included for Department Administrators:

Microsoft Consulting and Premiere Support Services

Although neither of the Microsoft agreements UCLA participates in (MCCA, Select Plus) include support, all UC departments are able to take advantage of negotiated pricing on several Microsoft Consulting and Premiere Support plans.

Please contact Software Central for further informaiton on Microsoft Support Option Purchases.

Microsoft Select Plus License

Microsoft Select Plus Program provides new perpetual licenses and optional Software Assurance for most Microsoft applications, operating systems, and networking software products (media and documentation available separately).  Unlike the Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA) licenses purchased via the Microsoft Select Plus agreement may be ordered in single quantities and are perpetual.

Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA)

The UC MCCA agreement allows departments to purchase annual licenses for the most popular Microsoft desktop and server products as well as subscribe to Microsoft online services at substantially discounted prices. Enrolling in the MCCA makes sense if your department: has more computers than people, wants simplified compliance and administration, lab computer desktop products included at no additional cost, and consistent predictable expenses per year.  Student coverage for Office 365 is included with the MCCA.  Under the MCCA each department can choose its own custom mix of products.

Microsoft Azure Online Services


                                             SECURITY VULNERABILITY for Microsoft Azure

Please be advised that there is a vulnerability in the version of Log4j that is part of Azure. This impacts Azure Spring Cloud and Azure DevOps. Users will need to understand what Azure services they do and don’t leverage and mitigate accordingly.  Please review the links below for more details and updates from Microsoft.