SHI Path of Escalation

If you find that SHI is not meeting the level of service they are contracted to provide, please use the information listed here to escallate your matter to someone higher up in the organization.  Please also cc on any email sent to SHI for this purpose.

UC/UCLA Listserves

Here is some information about some technical groups staff members at UCLA might want to attend, join, or at least monitor.

UC IT Blog

All UC IT professionals are encouraged to subscribe to the UC IT Blog.  It’s a great way to communicate and collaborate with your fellow IT peers!

What to do with an ISO File

Now that I have downloaded my .iso file what do I do with it?

A software program can only be installed on your computer from something called an executable file. An executable file is normally a file that ends in .exe for Windows or .app for Macintosh systems. It is not possible to install software from an .iso file. The .iso file is what is known as ‘a disk image file’. In order to install your software program of choice, you need to convert the .iso file to an executable file.